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This is more than just another NFT collection: it’s a community of love and I-nity! Created by Digitaldubs, a respected sound system with more than 20 years in the reggae scene, the project makes official collabs with reggae artists – from legends to the new generation!

Everything is designed with a concept and story behind, something that only can be made by people with deep knowledge of this culture. Most characters are fictional, inspired by common people who live reggae culture around the world. Each one has different traits and levels of rarity, like hair styles, hats, acessories, and all have unique names and stories.

Official collab with

reggae legends!

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Some avatars are even more special. These are the official collabs with Reggae legends like Lee “Scratch” Perry,  Augustus Pablo, Sugar Minnot,
and many many more, to complete a list of 200 collabs!

By now we have drop 20 artists NFT, on special auction, featuring: Anthony B, Kabaka Pyramid, Jah9, Jah Mason, Jesse Royal, Cedric "Congos" Myton , Ranking Joe, Etana, Bushman, Dada Yute, Yaadcore, Addis Pablo, Micah Shemayah, Million Stylez, Bay-C and R. Zee Jackson.

Cryptorastas breaks digital barriers, directly benefitting the artists, the music scene and the fans. Part of the profits is supporting Jamaican and diaspora artists, Rasta organizations and, Youth Projects, making a difference in the physical world.

A TOTAL 10.420 OF unique AVATArs BLESSed on the Ethereum blockchain.

10.220 of generative art WITH different levels of rarity Are sold out and available for trade on opensea.

a limited editioN OF 200 official collabs with reggae celebrities will be auctioned from time to time.
20 collabs was already released.
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decentralized one love
is the way to go

So our mission is bringing our community together, and that’s why we always give so many benefits and utilities to Cryptorasta’s holders.

If you are one of us, you will have special discounts on exclusive merch, get NFT airdrops and giveaways, VIP access to parties, shows and festivals, IRL or in the metaverse, meet & greet with artists, and be part of the CR community DAO.